5 Biggest Southern California Wedding Trends

Desert weddings have surged in popularity recently, and it's easy to see why. Gorgeous, sunny skies, stunning mountain panoramas, and iconic venues make tying the knot in Palm Springs a no-brainer. If you're looking to marry the love of your life in sunny Palm Springs, we've compiled five of the biggest trends to make your Southern California wedding truly magical.

Plan a guest-centric wedding in Palm Springs. [Photo Credit: Matthew David Studio]

Think of your big day as a mini-vacation for your guests. [Photo Credit: Matthew David Studio]

Guest-Centric Wedding Weekends
For most, Palm Springs is considered a destination wedding, which means out-of-towners will view your nuptials as their mini-vacation. Many couples are thanking their guests by creating a full weekend experience rather than just one big day. This can include smaller events, like a "Welcome" cocktail hour to kick off the weekend, a big group activity during the day, or a mock itinerary of the best sights to see in the area for everyone to venture off on their own. Luckily for guest-focused couples, Palm Springs is the perfect destination to enjoy an entire weekend of fun.

Say "I Do" at The Wheelhouse
Sitting on an impressive 12 acres, The Wheelhouse is a stunningly unique, ranch-style home that can double as a wedding venue and a lodging option for the newlyweds. The Wheelhouse is conveniently located near Joshua Tree National Park and is a short drive to downtown Palm Springs. Whether your group prefers lounging by the pool, hiking the trails, or grabbing a cocktail at a swanky downtown bar, The Wheelhouse is the perfect venue option that will allow everyone to make the most of their time in Southern California.

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Huge weddings are a thing of the past. [Photo Credit: Louis Willard Photo]

Intimate soirées can be more meaningful!

Intimate Soirées
Many couples are starting to see huge weddings as a thing of the past and are shifting their focus to smaller, more intimate ceremonies and receptions. Not only does it reduce the number of guests to prepare for, but it allows couples to re-evaluate their budget, cut back on the quantity of their spending, and even upgrade when it comes to quality.

Say "I Do" at Art Pop
Imagine tying the knot surrounded by the ones you love most in a lush backyard lit by candlelight. Art Pop has the perfect yard to showcase the beauty of the mountains and provide plenty of space for guests to celebrate your special day. Utilize the swimming pool by setting up tea candles to create a romantic ambiance, or make sure the firepit is lit for a late-night s'mores station. No matter how you envision your wedding day, Art Pop is the perfect venue to say "I do."

Bold florals are great for California weddings. [Photo Credit: Matthew David Studio]

Beautiful floral arch as your backdrop. [Photo Credit: Louis Willard Photo & Florist: Vasco Bella & Ronn Burns]

Bold Florals

Of course, it's common to see flowers incorporated in wedding decor: bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces—but recently, couples have been testing the skills of their floral designers and encouraging more unique ways to decorate with flowers and greenery. Start small by asking your florist to give your centerpieces an upgrade with different color combinations and textures, or go all-out with a custom floral arch for your ceremony. You'll be surprised with what your florist is capable of.

Say "I Do" at Sand Acre
Built in 1933, Sand Acre Estate is a stunning Spanish Estate tucked in the iconic Movie Colony neighborhood of Palm Springs. Hollywood royalty like Marilyn Monroe were frequent visitors to the estate to enjoy the property's private swimming pool, tennis court, and lush greenery. The grounds are still maintained in their original glory—add your own flair of bold florals for your decor, and it will be perfect for your special day.

A vintage Hollywood theme is perfect. [Photo Credit: Louis Willard Photo]

Black and white photos are perfect for vintage.

Vintage Resurgence
Throwback wedding themes are here, and they're definitely not going anywhere. In recent years, we've seen Great Gatsby themes, 70s' disco themes, and the ever-popular vintage Hollywood theme. Couples are centering their wedding day around the 'Golden Age of Hollywood,' encouraging era-attire, themed cocktails (gin and tonic, anyone?), and playing the best of the best from The Rat Pack.

Say "I Do" at Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate
Elevate your level of commitment to your Vintage Hollywood theme and host your wedding at Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate. Built specifically for Sinatra in 1947, this iconic estate maintains its historical significance with most of the original features (including the Twin Palms) and a piano-shaped swimming pool. You'll feel like your wedding is part of old Hollywood.

Capture soft or natural lighting on your wedding day.

Feel the love in the air!

Old World Romance | La Chureya
Imagine delicate elegance, rich colors, and soft lighting on your wedding day. Old World Romance, while subtle, is becoming a popular wedding trend for couples who typically avoid the wedding norm to adorn their day with unique touches. They'll swap traditional plated dinners for family-style on colorful ceramic plates or decorate with old family photos. Guests are bound to feel the love in the air!

Say "I Do" at La Chureya
One of the most challenging parts of executing an Old World Romance wedding is finding the perfect venue, but fortunately for newly engaged couples, La Chureya delivers beyond expectation. This stunning Spanish Estate exudes Old World design, with pops of color, intricate tiles, and dreamy gardens. Couples will enjoy the rolling mountain views while saying "I do" under the palm trees. La Chrueya is a dream come true.

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