Your Guide to the warmer, historical side of Taos Ski Valley
with xplore expert Jacquie

Why History Buffs Will Love Taos Ski Valley in the Summer

While Taos Ski Valley may be famous for its steep thrills, there is a whole other layer found in this unique destination that history buffs will love. Taos Ski Valley has been home to some fascinating cultures and influential figures, and has done an excellent job preserving its rich history. To help you make the most of your trip, our Xplore Team expert, Jacquie, has outlined a sample 3-day itinerary.

Whether you’re into native cultures, the American frontier, or art history, the past is always at your fingertips in Taos. There are incredible landmarks and museums around every corner, and endless chances to satisfy your curious mind. Enveloped by the surreal beauty of the massive mountains, you’ll get lost in Taos’ history and leave feeling more connected to America’s past than ever.

Day 1

Art & Culture

Learn about Native American culture (and pick up some legendary Taos jewelry while you’re at it).


Taos Pueblo

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was likely constructed over a 1,000 years ago and is still inhabited today.


Orlando's New Mexican Café

A Bobby Flay favorite, this true New Mexican restaurant is a great spot for mid-day margaritas.


Millicent Rogers Museum

Mary Millicent Rogers, a standard oil heiress and fashion icon, moved to Taos to explore the Native American culture. Her lifetime collection of indigenous art is a precious piece of American history. The museum also happens to offer a selection of intensely unique New Mexican jewelry.

The Beauty of the Past

Day 2

Walk Through History

Get a little haunted on day 2.


Taos Plaza

Take a walking or trolley tour through the plaza, which was built for defense against the raiding tribes and has maintained its original shape.


Kit Carson Memorial Park

Walk to the park, which is over 150 years old and the final resting place of Kit Carson—the famous American frontiersman. Quite the memorial, with tennis courts and lovely views of the mountain landscape.


The Alley Cantina

Dine on homemade southwestern and BBQ, and watch out for strange happenings—the restaurant is said to be haunted by the daughter of Governor Bent!

Enjoy the Views

Day 3

The River Below

Let time stop as you view Taos from above.


Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

View the Rio Grande from all sides on the second highest cantilever bridge in the U.S.


Explore Wine Country

Taos is home to over 20 professional wineries and claims the title of the oldest wine producing region in the U.S. Enjoy this unique and unexpected taste of the Southwest.

Cap it off with a Drink

Local Tips & Expertise

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Taos Ski Valley US Xplore Team

"When I'm not skiing at Taos I love to visit all of the iconic Southwest sites, especially Taos Pueblo."

Jaquie has 10+ years of hospitality experience working for companies like Disney and Hilton. A Colorado native, she is always exploring the nearby Rocky Mountains but also loves to visit new places and meet new people whenever possible. Three favorite things: food, wine, traveling!