Your Guide to Palm Springs
with xplore expert Jess

Why We Love Palm Springs

The fabulous home of the Coachella Music Festival and one of TripAdvisor’s top 25 destinations in the U.S., Palm Springs has made its way into the hearts of stars and adventurers alike. This desert oasis is a mecca for outdoor adventure, all year round. Our Xplore Team expert, Jess, has outlined a sample 3-day itinerary to help you make the most of your trip.

Between the majestic San Jacinto Mountains, the equally stunning desert landscape, and the unique history-rich architecture, Palm Springs is has been a popular vacation spot for generations. But behind the pretty face of Palm Springs, this Southern California haven is a place where wanderlust comes to life in the form of meticulously designed golf courses, perfectly climbable rock, and opportunities for aerial views you have to see to believe. The beauty of Palm Springs is just the beginning of the excitement to be found here.

Day 1

Native Culture


Hike the Agua Caliente Indian Canyons

Located on Agua Caliente tribal land, the canyons are just minutes from downtown Palm Springs and offer one of the most stunning settings in the area. Hike one of the amazing trails, like Tahquitz Canyon which features a 60 foot waterfall and ancient irrigation systems and artifacts of the Cahuilla


Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

While you’re in the area, learn more about the Cahuilla culture and their language, beliefs, and history.


Aerial Tramway

The aerial tram is a guest favorite—and for a great reason. The world’s largest rotating tram car, the tramway travels up the Chino Canyon and offers over 2 miles of surreal panoramic views of the Coachella Valley. You’ll surely want to bring your camera for this excursion.

Agua Caliente

Day 2

On the Green



Dig in to this locally beloved breakfast spot, which serves such eclectic dishes as pesto fries and breakfast risotto.


Indian Canyons Golf Resort

Make the quick drive over to Indian Canyons Golf Resort, a 50-year Palm Springs institution favored by Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Jackie Gleason.


Coachella Valley Brewing Company

Grab post-golf drinks at this brewery which offers a selection of locally sourced beers.

Indian Canyons

Day 3

National Treasures

Take a day trip into Joshua Tree National Park—a true hiker’s and photographer’s paradise.


Joshua Tree National Park

Explore the park and visit its namesake, the almost mystical Joshua Trees. Here you can take a self-guided hike and enjoy views of the Mojave Desert, or participate in a ranger-led tour for a more guided experience.


The Tropicale

Get a little retro for dinner at The Tropical, which offers organic and sustainable dishes as well as a mid-century style bar to take you back to old Palm Springs.

Joshua Tree

Local Tips & Expertise

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Palm Springs US Xplore Team

"Experiencing Palm Springs from a hot air balloon is simply breathtaking. Seeing all of those palm trees from the air - it's no wonder how the area got its name."

Jess has 3 years of experience in the travel and outfitting industries and has traveled extensively in the US and Europe. She loves kayaking, hiking, and exploring as much of the world as she can. She vows to never stop exploring!