5 FIS World Championship Events You Can't Miss

Park City is no novice to hosting world-class competition, from the 2002 Olympic Winter Games to a decorated list of FIS World Cup and U.S Grand Prix competitions over the past 20 years. With two premier ski resorts — Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain — and an extensive list of training facilities, Park City has become an international hotspot for showcasing the highest level of winter sports.

The city has been preparing as hard as the athletes for the 2019 FIS World Championships, the first U.S-based World Championship to include all events across the snowboard, freestyle, and free ski disciplines. Over a period of 10 days, 700 athletes and teams from 36 nations will compete in 15 medal events strategically selected to determine the best in each discipline. With as much action-packed excitement there is to witness, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 events you must see.

Photo Credits: U.S Ski and Snowboard & Deery Valley Resort

Opening Ceremony

When: Saturday, February 2nd - (TBA)
Where: Park City Mountain Resort
The Competition: Before the fireworks, watch as the top Freeskiiers light up the slopes during the Freeskiing Big Air Final. For the first time in the history of World Championships, Freeskiing Big Air will be included as a medal event, mirroring its inclusion in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. This competition will involve each skier launching off a ramp into the air as they perform multiple rotations, flips, and grabs in hopes of impressing the judges.
The Ceremony: After the Big Air Final, head to the official ceremonial kick-off with a fireworks display and live music from The Main Squeeze, all held at Canyons Village.

Freestyle Aerials

When: Wednesday, February 6th - 5pm
Where: Deer Valley Resort - White Owl Ski Run
Abilities Tested: Aerial Maneuvers & Technique
The Competition: Each skier will launch off a jump ranging between 8-10ft reaching speeds up to 45 mph. Once they hit the jump, aerialists will soar up to 70ft in the air completing multiple flips and twists like the “Rudy” or “Randy” before landing on a 38-degree hill. Since aerial skiing is a judged sport, the higher the degree of difficulty the jump is, the higher the potential score.
How They Will Be Ranked: 20% Jump Takeoff | 50% Jump Form | 30% Landing

Halfpipe Snowboarding

When: Wednesday, February 8th - 11am
Where: Park City Mountain - Eagle Halfpipe
Abilities Tested: Form, Aerial Maneuvers, and Amplitude
The Competition: Each skier will ride down a U-shaped course with 22 ft. walls as they travel through the halfpipe at high speeds. Maneuvering along both sides of the walls they well execute various aerial maneuvers and complex tricks, jumping up to 24ft above the lip of the pipe.
How They Will Be Ranked: Scoring will be based on the execution and variety of tricks, difficulty, pipe use, and amplitude.

Freestyle Moguls

When: Wednesday, February 8th - 5pm
Where: Deer Valley Resort - Champion Ski Run
Abilities Tested: Speed, Technical Turns, & Aerial Maneuvers
The Competition: One athlete at a time will race down 28-degree gradient slope, heavily moguled, with each mogul measuring up to 4 feet. They will be judged on their speed and technique, specifically how well they can keep their shoulders parallel to the finish line. They must also complete two jumps, placed at the one-third and two-third marks, using a repertoire of creative jumps like the “helicopter” and “backscratcher.” Each athlete will compete up to four times, advancing to a new heat until a winner is announced.
How They Will Be Ranked: 50% Turns | 25% Air | 25% Speed

Closing Party

When: Sunday, February 10th - (TBA)
Where: Main Street, Park City
Abilities Tested: All good things must come to an end and what better way to finalize 10 days of legendary competition, than with an epic closing party. After watching the final event, Slopestyle Snowboarding at Park City Mountain, head down to historic main street for some apres ski and live music.