Celebrating the National Parks

Join us in Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service.

It all began back in 1872. Yellowstone National Park was declared the first National Park in the United States, offering an oasis of natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife for visitors. But it wasn’t until 1916 that the government realized there needed to be a united agency to oversee the growing parklands, and thus, the National Parks Service was created. Since then, more than 400 National Parks have been established, and more than 20,000 National Parks Service employees dedicate their time to conserving, preserving, and educating the community on the importance of these breathtaking locations.

The Best of the National Parks

| Best Park to Spot a Bear: Yellowstone National Park|
Both grizzlies and black bears are known to dwell within Yellowstone, primarily in the Lamar Valley. If you decide to stick around and watch them in their natural habitat, we’d advise you admire from afar, as bears are still wild animals.
Stay in Big Sky >

| Best Park to Catch a Fish: Great Smoky Mountains National Park |
Not only are the rivers and creeks of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park public to all visitors, but they are also fully-stocked with trout! Pack your tackle box and find a comfortable spot on the banks for
true quality time with your rod and reel.
Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains >

| Best Park for History Buffs: Yosemite National Park |
Hike through the park and stare in amazement at the ancient sequoia trees that tower above. Standing their ground for hundreds of years, these sequoias offer visitors a look into the past, proving that with proper preservation, the beauty of our parks can last for generations to come.
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| Best Park for Adventure Seekers: Joshua Tree National Park |
Explore the desert terrain and search for blossoming wildflowers along the way. The stunning trees, impressive rock formations, and starry skies are only a few of the many reasons visitors flock to Joshua Tree. Have a go at camping, rock climbing, horseback riding, and much more for a one-of-a-kind experience.
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| Best Park for a Great View: Grand Teton National Park |
For a quick and easy hike that ends with a breathtaking view, make the short trek up Lunch Tree Hill. Find a grassy spot to enjoy a picnic and admire the impressive Teton Mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife.
Stay in the Cabins at Teton Springs >

Celebrations and Events in the Parks
Dedication of the Historic Hawksbill Observation Platform | August 20 | Shenandoah National Park, Va.
Visit Shenandoah National Park to celebrate the recent reconstruction of the Historic Observation Platform, offering guests a spot to enjoy the view from the highest peak in the park. The platform's renovation has been a main project to celebrate the centennial and will be a great addition to Shenandoah National Park.

100 Mile Challenge | Throughout 2016 | Great Smoky Mountains, Tn.
The Smokies Park Superintendent announced his participation in the 100 mile challenge-- hiking 100 miles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park within 2016! He encourages you to join in and track your miles each time you visit the park. Add it to your bucket list, pack the camera, and lace up your boots, you've got some hiking to do!

Triathlon at Bass Lake | June 4 | Yosemite National Park, Ca.
Get ready to run, bike, and swim, surrounded by the foothills of the Sierras. Known as one of the top triathlons in California, the Bass Lake Classic draws hundreds of athletes to test their endurance levels and face off against the most seasoned of competitors. The best part is, there's a barbeque party for all participants to refuel after the race!

An Evening at the Arch: Yellowstone Celebration | August 25 | Yellowstone National Park, Wy.
What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the National Parks Service than to visit America's very first National Park? Visit Yellowstone on the day of the Parks Service anniversary and gather at the arch to admire the rolling mountains and breathtaking scenery that has kept visitors returning year after year.

Don't Forget about Free Days in the Parks!

August 25-28
Celebrating the National Park Service's Anniversary

September 24
National Public Lands Day

November 11
Veterans Day

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