Our Sea Islands Sea Turtles Love The Dark

It's sea turtle nesting season in the Sea Islands, making it one of the best times of year for a family vacation to watch their migration. Each year, Loggerhead, Kemp's Ridley, Green, Leatherback, Australian Flatback, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley sea turtles enjoy the waters off the coast of South Carolina. Our beaches are their favorites, and we need everyone to follow a few very important guidelines so that the sea turtles continue to choose our beaches for nesting.

● Clean the scene. Take all of your trash and personal belongings with you when you leave the beach.
● Remove your beach furniture by sundown each day. Sea turtles may become entangled and trapped. Some may get frustrated and return to the ocean without creating a nest.
● Fill in any holes you make. Sea turtles can get stuck in holes, become injured and even die if they can’t get out.
● No flashlights, lanterns, or bonfires. If you’re on the beach at night and must use a flashlight, please use a low light filter.
● Knock over any sandcastles or any other obstacles you create.
● Leave only your footprints.
● Keep the lights inside and outside of your Natural Retreats vacation rental as low as possible. Most sea turtles are night nesters and the light pollution from artificial lights may disorient the sea turtles.
● Do not touch sea turtles. All sea turtles are threatened or endangered.

Remember, nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings orient themselves toward the beach and are attracted to the blue and green wavelengths of light which are naturally reflected off the ocean through celestial light. This is how they navigate from the nest towards the ocean. If an artificial light source on the beach is brighter than the natural light, the nesting females and hatchlings will head towards this artificial source.

Natural Retreats is proud to support sea turtle nesting and conservation among our Sea Islands collection of homes. We’re also happy to ask you to do the same when you visit. It’s voluntourism at its best.

Reserve your vacation rental home by calling our concierge team at 877.805.7794. We’re happy to help plan your visit and to recommend just the right beach house, cottage or condo for your stay.

Our Sea Islands sea turtles love the dark. You’ll love Natural Retreats!

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