When Is The Best Time To Visit Yellowstone National Park?

It’s the number one question our guides at Yellowstone Luxury Tours receive, and one of the hardest to answer. After years of exploring this 2.2 million-acre wilderness, they’ve learned that the “best” time differs per person. Every season has unique experiences and natural treasures waiting to be discovered — it just depends on what you want to find.

Comprised of hydrothermal features, stunning natural wonders, and an abundance of wildlife, Yellowstone offers something for everyone, no matter the time of year. Looking to photograph moose, bison, and mountain goats? Summer is your season. Fall, on the other hand, is an ideal time to spot bear, elk, and raptors — while enjoying more mild weather. If you want to photograph Yellowstone, the winter months are a good time, when the park is much less crowded. The winter is also a stunning time to photograph snowfall and steam rising from the hot springs and geysers.

To help you decide when to visit Yellowstone, here is what we love about the park in every season. For more information on booking a vacation home in Big Sky, or any of our other 16 destinations go to our site or call us at 888.451.0156.