Case Study

Hinshaw Hideaway Palm Springs, CA

A Successful Property Launch in Palm Springs
Homeowner Case Study - Palm Springs, CA | Natural Retreats


A new property with no reviews or traction in the competitive Palm Springs market needing help reaching its full revenue potential.


Jason, the homeowner of Hinshaw Hideaway in Palm Springs, CA was feeling some of the financial strain of owning a luxury property as a second home and decided to enter it into the short-term rental pool with a local company. After a year it was hard for him to see the financial benefit due to very little guest traffic and higher maintenance costs.

Ahead of his second year in the rental pool, Jason switched to Natural Retreats to see if a strong brand would elevate his property and increase the profitability of his investment.

The Natural Retreats team proposed that they gain traction by lower rates to a competitive range for 6 months to help grow the overall awareness of the property.
Average Guest Rating
$49,292 3 Months Revenue
52% Income Projected Growth
+15% 3 Month Rate Increase


Natural Retreats’ team in Palm Springs devised a plan to gain early, immediate traction for the property. The team lowered rates to a competitive range for 6 months to help grow the overall awareness, generate positive guest reviews, and introduce the property to likely repeat guests.

After the home achieved a healthy stream of reviews and awareness to the right clientele, the team raised the nightly rates to a level that maximized revenue.


Not only did the team’s plan help to build confidence from reviews, but it also developed a healthy and eager bank of repeat guests. In a year, Natural Retreats generated 52% more revenue, and secured 20 future repeat guests.

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